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Global Cash Access, Inc.
3525 East Post Road, Suite 120
Las Vegas, NV 89120

tel: (702) 855-3000
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Global Cash Access, Inc.
Everyday, Global Cash Access (GCA) creates new innovations, concepts and solutions leading to enhanced customer service and robust profitability for its clients throughout the gaming industry. GCA’s exciting new products include:

GCA Digital Wallet and Monetization Solution, GCA teams up with Live Gamer, the leading white-label wallet provider to social gaming, to usher in the next generation of internet gaming solutions enabling greater interactivity, enhanced player recognition and targeted dynamic promotions with GCA’s Digital Wallet. GCA combines years of casino cash management expertise and holds the first cash access vendor Level 1 interactive gaming service provider license approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission. The all-encompassing Digital Wallet is designed to seamlessly integrate with GCA’s existing cash access infrastructure, Xchange Kiosks, and call center, and will help bridge the gap between online and onsite play. GCA’s digital wallet delivers three primary products; a payment wall for gaming sites, a global GCA gaming wallet and hosted white label gaming wallets for large operators, allowing online operators complete control over their enterprise’s gaming economy.

QuikTicket™, GCA’s approved and fully compliant “Cashless Gaming” solution provides patrons the option of a TITO ticket or cash when completing cash access transactions at a GCA Xchange kiosk. Requiring no special cards or processes, QuikTicket uses current TITO technology that is trusted, intuitive and easy for players to understand. QuikTicket is tightly integrated within GCA’s cashless floor, as well as with its patented 3-in-1 Rollover technology and improves the patrons experience by reducing transaction times, providing higher limits, and having no incremental steps or waiting at the cage. QuikTicket, combined with the CXC 4.0 Kiosks lowers cash handling cost, reduces the impress on the floor freeing up cash and reducing the expense and time in the cage. The potential to put more cash on the floor, and the simplicity of loading that value onto the game, increases the revenue potential for the casino.

TableXchange®, a revolutionary device tightly integrated with the QuikTicket product and is made available through a strategic alliance with FutureLogic. This product is designed to enable table game players to buy in with a TITO ticket and color up with a TITO ticket, which is redeemable at an Xchange kiosk for cash. The TableXchange device connects table games to a casino’s existing TITO network allowing for scanning and printing of TITO vouchers. This creates a common currency across the casino and further promotes cross play between slots and tables. Like QuikTicket, TableXchange further streamlines casino operations by virtually eliminating the need to replenish chips at table games, eliminating game downtime, minimizing cash management costs and improving the patrons’ experience. TableXchange promotes crossover play from tables to slots, slots to tables, removes the risk of counterfeiting at the table game or cashier cage, and lowers operating expenses by reducing cash handling and service requirements at the property. The patrons’ experience improves with reduced wait times at the casino cage, increased play.

Xchange Explorer Plus®, this currently available innovative product, delivers real-time, web-based event reporting for both financial and gaming transactions including QuikTicket and TableXchange transactions. This back-office solution allows operators to view detailed patron banking information as well as critical operational metrics, balance and reconciliation reporting, cash levels, and device status on a single vertically integrated user interface.

Cash Club®, the next evolution of QCPXpress, streamlines the processing of PIN Debit Cash Advance, Credit Card Cash Advance, Check Warranty and Check Verifications services – and now Central Credit, all from a single new dashboard interface. This slick new interface is faster, more intuitive, allows for improved customization, detailed reporting, and advanced technology for in-house management. Beginning fourth quarter of 2012, Cash Club will be phased into GCA’s full suite of services.

Central Credit®, known as the gold standard of casino credit worldwide and the only credit bureau exclusively focused on gaming patrons, will reveal a sleek new user interface with a contemporary, easy to use intuitive dashboard. The new interface is tightly integrated with GCA’s cash access solutions including Cash Club.

FlexChex™, Central Credit’s new and currently available check product enhances the customer and cashier experience by clearly communicating the total amount of available cash upon the customer’s first inquiry. With the largest patron check cashing database in the industry, Central Credit enables the most informed decisions. FlexChex removes patrons’ questions leaving no doubt regarding how much check cashing the casino is willing to accept.

Casino Direct Plus®, GCA’s new and currently available international point of sale payment platform delivers a quick, fluid and dynamic user interface for both the patron and casino employee. With kiosk and cashier interfaces, Casino Direct Plus supports local and international credit and debit networks, EMV, signature capture, PIN, NFC, and dynamic currency conversion. Additionally, it includes robust reporting tools, allows for property customization, supports multiple languages and contains a myriad of marketing capabilities.

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