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Bank of Nevada
2700 West Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89102

tel: (702) 248-4200
fax: (702) 248-8661

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Bank of Nevada
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Bank Of Nevada

Since 1994, the Bank of Nevada has partnered with many business customers, big and small, helping them expand and create new jobs and new opportunities for the community. Bank of Nevada’s success wouldn’t have happened without the support of our amazing clients.

At Bank of Nevada, we’ve worked hard to help our customers succeed and to set Bank of Nevada apart from the pack. Ultimately, we know banking comes down to a relationship. Our dedicated employees and relationship managers take the time to learn about the clients they work with. Your needs. Your concerns. Your dreams—at Bank of Nevada we want to be part of the solution and the success.

While many banks are now sending their clients to seek help through the dreaded “800” number, we won’t do that. We know getting a question answered or clearing up a concern is best handled by those people who know you best and that you’ve worked with—your local relationship manager. We believe this makes Bank of Nevada a better bank, and our customers tell us they agree.

We care deeply about the community in which we live and work and feel it’s important to funnel into community benefit programs some of the success you have helped us achieve. The trust and success of our clients have allowed us to contribute in this way.

We have mentor programs that assist at-risk students to graduate from high school. We’ve provided school supplies for students who otherwise wouldn’t have them. We’ve also provided college scholarships to local students. We also encourage our employees to give back to their community and many of them do.

Last year, our employees donated a combined 2,000 hours in volunteer service to local nonprofits. Many of our executives sit on the board of nonprofits that provide unduplicated services to the community. We’re privileged to be part of The Public Education Foundation, Opportunity Village, Goodwill of Southern Nevada, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas Natural History Museum and many more. At Bank of Nevada, we don’t just talk about community support. We make it happen. We couldn’t have done it without you.
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